October 27, 2021

Telemark Biathlon Parent Committee Minutes

September 16, 2014, 7:10 pm, Cathy’s house

Attendees: Cathy, Lorraine, Andrew, Evan, Shayne, Lanita, Michelle, Andrea, Murray, Dianne, Judie

1.      Nomination of Board Representative

a.       Marianne stepping down as Vice Chair and Board Rep, Lanita nominated to become the new Telemark Biathlon Parent Committee Board Representative – all in agreement.


2.      Election of Officers

a.       As per By-laws, two of the four officers stepping down at the end of September (Cathy and Andrew had been the original plan, but Marianne has stepped down now)

b.      Need at least two new officers to be elected at the October meeting

c.       Lanita nominated to replace Marianne as Vice Chair; elected by acclamation


3.      Programs for 14/15

a.       Bears: new time will be 1 pm to 2:30 pm Saturday

b.      Advanced and Development same as last season

c.       Adult moved to 8:30 am to 10 am Saturday (range set-up between 8:00 am and 8:30 am)

d.      Recreational: haven’t had any uptake over the past two seasons, concerned that this season we may have trouble finding coaches – all in agreement to remove this program for 14/15

e.       Parabiathlon: all in agreement to continue to offer this option

f.       Cadets: all in agreement to run the program should the cadets express interest


4.      Program fees for 14/15

a.       Bears: ammunition costs have gone up by about 20% since last season, so need to increase fees by $15.  Cost will be $140 plus rifle rental of $60

b.      All other programs: increase fees by 2% to cover inflationary costs

i.      Advanced: cost will be $306

ii.      Development: cost will be $281

iii.      Adult: cost will be $306

iv.      Cadet: cost to be determined if requested

v.      Parabiathlon: cost determined on a case by case basis

c.       Motion: to approve the fee increases as noted above: moved by Andrew, seconded by Shayne, approved unanimously


5.      Races for 14/15

a.       The Biathlon BC Cup schedule is on the website

b.      Agreement to host a regional race and Cadet Zone race on the weekend of December 28/29

c.       Agreement to run 3 public races during the season


6.      Coaching Update

a.       Telemark Nordic Club Board approved the pilot coaching plan

b.      Jasper will continue to provide lesson plans for Adv/Dev/Adult and act as overall coach coordinator

c.       Marianna will provide roller ski and on-snow ski instruction for Adv/Dev

d.      Glenn will provide weekend clinics (Oct 18/19, Nov 22/23, Dec 27/28, Jan 17/18 and Feb 21/22)

e.       Glenn willing to be Biathlon BC Cup race weekend head coach provided we join in with the West Coast Nordic Team – this will require further consideration but general support expressed for this


7.      Approval of Budget

a.       Agreed to support Fresh Air Experience raffle again this season; suggestion for FAE consideration to change up prize package to be alpine skis rather than Nordic as would be easier to sell

b.      Motion: to approve the 14/15 budget as presented; moved by Murray, seconded by Evan, approved unanimously


8.      Annual Fall Camp Planning

a.       Dates: October 4/5 weekend only option

b.      Tasks: scrape and paint targets, pick up brass shell casings, paint new building

c.       Organizers: lunches – Shayne; target work crew – Murray; new building work crew – Cathy; geocache hunt on Sunday for kids – Andrew

d.      Need more volunteers to help organize – contact Cathy if willing to assist

e.       Andrew will put information up on website


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

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