October 27, 2021

Telemark Biathlon Parents Meeting

Who should attend: all parents who had or would like to have their kids in any Telemark Biathlon program (Bears, etc), as well as any athlete who is in our Masters program, plus all coaches (if you are reading this post, you should probably come to the meeting)

When: Tuesday July 16, 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm

 Where: Marianne Morgan’s house: 729 Hazell Rd; off Gordon in front of Dorothea Walker Elementary School – Marianne says “Bring your swim suits!”

What you should bring: if you can bring an appetizer or dessert to share around, that would be great!

Why you should care: this is where we will do some planning for next season, plus you get to hang out with the cool biathlon crowd (really!).


  1. timing building construction costs and schedule
  2.  coaches, potential coaches, coaching courses
  3.  fall Telemark Biathlon camp
  4.  sponsor profile on website (yes or no, and if yes what policy do we want to put in place)
  5. club rifle purchase status
  6. club ammo purchase status
  7.  club rifle outfitting and modifications
  8. range maintenance planning
  9. washroom finishing (need to put on outside siding, finish roof, and adding shelf for each)
  10. program schedule planning
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