September 21, 2021

Telemark Nordic Club Biathlon Demo Day Success!

It was a warm and Sunny day up at the range today for the annual March Demo Day. Excited participants lined up to try out Biathlon, many for the first time. Participants received a range safety briefing, got a chance to shoot and then participated in a Fun race.

Start of 1.0 km Fun Race
Start of the 1.9 km Fun Race
Post-race fun with Graeme!


1.0 km Sprint

Name Bib Time
Riley 72 9:43
Bruce 73 9:48
Terry 43 12:10
Jessa 48 13:21
 Cathy 50 13:22

1.9 km Sprint

Name Bib Time
Anthony 70 8:20
Rich 49 9:31
Tyler 75 9:41
Max 66 11:42
Dave 45 11:49
Gabe 71 12:20
Graeme 46 13:08
Jan 44 16:12
Andy 65 20:23

Congratulations to all the racers and thank you for your enthusiastic participation. Hope to see you on the trails or at the range!

If you have any questions concerning the Telemark Biathlon Program please contact Murray Carlson at 250-808-4511.

Shoot Clean! Ski Fast!

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