October 27, 2021

Telemark Treeplanting Fund Raiser 2012

A message from Richard:

Heartland Economics has agreed to provide this tree planting opportunity to Telemark as a fund raiser for 2012. The tree planting will take place over two weekends: May 12 & 13 and May 26 & 27. The blocks chosen are CP33-175 and 173.  So come on out and help us reforest the clear cuts, plus help support Telemark Racers and Telemark Biathlon by raising funds with each tree planted!  The rate is $0.25 per tree (you can specify if you are planting for the Race team or the Biathlon team and the funds raised will be allocated accordingly).  Here is the  letter from Heartland explaining the opportunity (note that the snow melted sooner than expected, so we are able to begin on May 12th).

The planters should arrive at 8:30 am (morning shift) or 1:00 pm (afternoon shift) at the Telemark parking lot for a safety orientation and some planting instructions. Please come dressed for outside work, e.g.  long pants, boots with ankle support, long sleeved shirt and hat. Please bring your own food and drinking water.

There will be some (limited) planting bags and some shovels provided (but best if you bring your own shovels so we don’t run out).  Both the Racing Team and the Biathlon Team will be involved and we have a common sign-up sheet (see link on the Calendar page for the day you’d like to help).  A good way to plant is to have one person carrying the trees and one or two planters close by with shovels plant the trees. The preferred spacing is 1.8-2.0 metres apart. Planters have to watch out for their last planted tree and also their neighbours trees, keeping the preferred spacing at all times. Check out this document that explains how to plant trees:  Tree planting 2012

Trees will be stored at the road in the shade. One person will be assigned to hand out trees as required, recording the planters name and the team (Racing or Biathlon) they plant for. Planters shouldn’t take more than about 2 hrs worth of trees at a time, to prevent seedlings from drying out.

The planter will use his shovel to create a hole deep enough to get the tree into. The tree needs all the roots to be covered with soil, but not so deep that the green needles are partially buried. A planting demo will be provided prior to commencement, to help clarify this. There will be staff to assist and monitor quality.

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