October 27, 2021

The Telemark Bear News

I have been asked bKen's Beary many people, what do I do to relax.


I thought it best to put a snapshot of my last camping trip!


We are coming to the end of our season. Our last scheduled practice will be on March 2nd. As our race team is away in Prince George next week, there will be a limited practice, much as we had before.


Skittles Cup

Lots of athletes and parents have been asking about the Skittles Cup. As this letter goes to print, it is being worked on. We have been fortunate to have a famous award designer and his team work on this project over the last 2 weeks, and he has promised to fly it to Kelowna in time for the presentation on March 2nd. As for points, we have had another change in the leadership count after last Saturday. Stay tuned!

I want to acknowledge a ‘more than’ coach helper who has been out Saturday mornings. She has been a leader in the ski department, showing technique, leading the ski drills and showing athletes how to enjoy themselves. Well Done – Hailee! Thanks also to all the parents participating. As you can see, without your support, our program can’t function. It takes a lot of volunteering to make a successful program

Our group has been a large one. We have almost doubled the size since last year and we have experienced a few growing pains. From indications this season, we will probably increase our size again next year. We are talking about supplementing our rifle number by purchasing 5-6 Savage Biathlon rifles.

Where does our program go from here? Our Bears Program is an early part of the CS4L initiative (Canadian Sports for Life). It is a initiative to improve sport and physical activity in Canada. We work to follow the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) plan in growing athletes through an increasing level of participation in sport. Currently, the Bears program is a Learning to Train (L2T) program. Simply put: athletes converting fundamental movement skills into fundamental sport skills. We are also introducing firearm safety. From here, athletes can move to development biathlon programs or enjoy biathlon as a recreational sport. Many of the group will spend another year or two in the Bears Program.

On March 2nd, we are going to wind up with a fun competition or event. We will be giving out our Telemark Award Passports and Participant Passport. We have a variety of other prizes to give out, and of course, the Skittles Cup!

I am really enjoying being one of the coaches of this group – Coach Ken

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