October 19, 2021

Want to win a great ski package?

Thanks to the generosity of Kerry Kriese, you have a chance to win a top-of-the-line Nordic ski package – Salomon S-Lab Equipe 10 skis, boots, and bindings, just in time for next season.  If you win, Fresh Air Experience will size you up and get you equipped. Wow!

Draw date: Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to enter: you have to earn tickets and the only way to earn tickets is as follows:

  • For every hour of verified volunteer time working on the Telemark Biathlon facilities, you will earn one ticket.  Any exec member or volunteer project leader can “verify” the hours.
  • If you attend a Telemark Biathlon parent meeting, you will earn one ticket (yes, just one – even if the meeting goes past 10 pm…).
  • For every hour of other verified volunteer Telemark Biathlon activity (tree planting, attending a coaching clinic, leading a volunteer dry-land training session for our athletes, selling hot dogs at the BBQs, etc) you will earn one ticket.

The more you volunteer, the greater your chances to win.

When can you start earning tickets?  As soon as you finish reading this post, you can start!

How do I get my tickets?  Simple: we’ll keep track of the hours you put in and the number of tickets you earn.  We’ll then assign your ticket numbers prior to the draw.  So you don’t have to worry about where you stashed that winning ticket…

How do I know if the event is “verified”?  Watch the Telemark Biathlon website and calendar – we’ll indicate if it is a “verified” ticket event and who is tracking the hours.

Who can “play”?  Anyone (that’s right, anyone!) 9 years of age or older can volunteer and earn tickets – but you have to put in the effort, no loafing around.

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