October 19, 2021

We need some volunteers…!

Message from Cathy:

On Thursday, October 17 we will be raising the rafters of our new building. We require as many helpers as possible. We realize this is a work day for most but if you have all or part of your day available we would appreciate it if you consider donating some of that time at the range. Work will begin at about 10:00 a.m. and continue until the roof is sheeted in. You do not need to stay all day if that is not possible.

This past Friday, Carson and Richard helped our carpenter raise the walls.  They worked until after 7:00 at night and just managed to get the four walls up before dark, helpers later in the day would have been very much appreciated but for the most part we were not organized to arrange this. I know many of you would have been happy to help if you had known so we are getting organized for the roof raising.

timing hut construction

It is anticipated that we will need helpers all day for the roof so even if you get off work at 5:00 there may still be need for your assistance. If you find yourselves available at any time of the day, please text Richard at 250-212-1484 to get more specific details, as he will be at the range all day. Or, if you know in advance that you can help, just email Richard or Cathy and let them know your availability at rush_creek@telus.net or cathy.lw.mackenzie@gmail.com

Thank you

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